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We build GTM programs based on the voice of your customer.

"We partnered with DemandOS to build our demand gen program from scratch. Within a few weeks, we were testing messaging and creative in market. Within 9 months, had generated well over 7 figures in qualified pipeline with a reliable, scalable digital motion."

MJ Peters

VP Marketing

average reduction in CAC payback period
of GTM validation interviews
8 figures+
of pipeline generated in 2023

There's a lot of debate around demand gen...so how do we define it?

Demand gen is collection of strategies and tactics that focus on educating and entertaining prospective buyers around the problem your company solves through a unique point of view.

Why do we need demand gen?

B2B marketing has fundamentally changed. Gone are the days of relying on Google PPC, e-book leads, and webinar attendees to drive marketing-sourced pipeline (demand capture).

Teams that generate and capture demand will win more market share.

Strong Demand Gen Requires Strong Product Marketing

Your best customers will help you find your next customers

You might have revenue goals, a target audience, and value propositions. But so does everyone else.

Are you gathering voice of customer insights and using them to create a unique point of view that drives results?

Go beyond "better, faster, cheaper" to a point of view that resonates.

"A customer testimonial that highlights features and answers potential customer doubts about your product or service. Showcase testimonials from a similar demographic to your customers."

Sam Burns

Head of Demand Gen

Turn Strong Points of View into Winning Campaigns

Move your product marketing ideas into pre-validated tests

Knowing what to test is just as important as how you test. Skip testing green vs blue backgrounds and figure out the core messages that resonate with your audience.

We test messaging and positioning with customers before ever spending a dollar on ads.

And as we get more feedback on what messages resonate, we update your strategy, copy and creative in real-time.

"A customer testimonial that highlights features and answers potential customer doubts about your product or service. Showcase testimonials from a similar demographic to your customers."

Anne Pike

Head of Marketing

Measure what matters

Know what's working with clear dashboards & reporting

Most companies don't have a clear idea of what marketing programs are driving results. Setting up self reported attribution, custom conversions and clear dashboards lets you confidently report to your executive team what is working.

Double down on successful programs – backed by data and revenue.

Launch timeline

DemandOS process

Combining demand creation with demand capture strategies builds a flywheel of marketing-sourced revenue. As we generate awareness with Demand Creation, we turn them into buyers with Demand Capture.

When the time comes for them to buy, they come to you first.

First 2 weeks - Voice of Customer (VoC) research and Product Marketing

Conducting customer research to validate your value proposition and find unique angles your competitors aren't thinking about.

Week 3 - Campaign and Hypothesis Planning

Through our voice of customer, messaging and positioning research we’re able to prioritize the key messages we want to test in your target market.

Week 4 & 5 - Copy and Creative Development

We ship and test copy at rapid speed by designing world class ad creative. We create on-brand assets that convert based on proven templates & frameworks. No more boring webinar ads.

Week 6 - Launch First Campaigns & Iterate

Our omni-channel distribution operates in a continuous feedback loop. As we get more data on how your buyers buy, we adjust our strategy, messaging, and creative in real time.

You might be wondering...

Frequently asked questions we can tackle before we get on a call. If you still have questions (or doubts) we're free for a quick call.

What types of clients do you work with?

We bring the most value to companies in the early stages of building a demand generation program whose customer lifetime value is $25,000 or more. Meaning, one new customer generates at least $25,000 in new revenue.

Are there discounts for portfolio companies?

Funds with more than 2 businesses qualify for discounts starting at 10%.

What if we have an internal team?

We see the most success when there is at least one person who owns marketing internally. We value collaboration to drive better campaigns.

How long is a typical engagement?

Our engagements last three sales cycles. This gives us one sales cycle to test and iterate. One sales cycle to optimize. And one sales cycle to scale.

Our Demand Gen Capabilities

After launching dozens of successful demand gen campaigns – we know the work can't be done in a silo.

Voice of Customer (VoC) Development

Product Marketing
Understand how your customers talk with a collection of customer feedback, opinions, and insights gathered from research, direct interactions & call recordings.

Messaging Hierachy

Product Marketing
A messaging hierarchy works to ensure that all messages sent out are clear, concise, and consistent across all channels (Ads, Content, Sales, Customer Success).

Product Positioning

Product Marketing
Identifying or creating a unique brand image, idea, or message in the minds of your target audience.

Strategy and hypothesis planning

Setting goals and objectives, message prioritization, audience building, channel selection, scheduling activities, monitoring and evaluating results

Feature Release Sprints

Launch and test new feature release messages in 3 weeks or less.

Landing Pages

Design and implement landing pages catering towards new product marketing messages. This will be tested and then slowly implemented into the site as success follows.

LinkedIn Ads

Account structure, audience building, copy and creative development, and budget pacing.

Dashboards and Reporting

Rev Ops
Dashboards for all inbound channels for executives down to individual contributors. Easily identify what is working at every stage of the buying journey.

Sales Handoff Process

Rev Ops
Define and document the sales handoff process and definitions to improve and optimize conversions between steps in the buying process. Prevent qualified leads from slipping through the cracks.

One plan for growth

$ 14,000.00 USD
Current Client Capacity: 10/12
Product Marketing
Demand Gen Strategy
Copy and Creative
Ad Execution up to $75,000/mo*
Dashboards & Reporting
Revenue Operations
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